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  • Medical Records: Those records related to your present Orthopedic Condition will be most helpful. Gather all information possible.
  • Medication List: A list of all current and over the counter medications and vitamins. A list of any known drug allergies.
  • Be prepared to discuss your condition: What happened to precipitate your condition? Is it getting worse? How does it limit you from performing your normal daily routines?
  • Your Questions: We suggest your write down questions you’d like to discuss with your Physician on the day of your appointment. (Click here for a notes page)
  • X-rays / Testing: All X-rays films taken within the last 6 months, including MRI’s Bone Scan or CT Scan.
  • Dressing for your appointment: Bring or wear short without zippers or metal buttons if your being seen for an injury or conditions below the waist.
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